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Shenzhen novate Technology Co., Ltd

Co., LtdNWT is a global leader in technology and manufacturing based on e-cigarettes and lampblack. China headquarters was established in 2007 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. While building sustainable production facilities in Shenzhen and Dongguan, the company has been committed to creating and cultivating new innovative brands in the vacuum industry.

As an industry leader and global pioneer of vaping innovative technology solutions, NWT is committed to providing high-quality products and services to its surrounding customers.

Over the past decade, NWT has developed several world-renowned independent brands, including joytech, leaf and wismec, which integrate their expertise in designing and manufacturing high-end e-cigarettes.

Our products help millions of people enjoy a healthier lifestyle. In general, NWT is committed to investing a lot of resources in the research and development of new technologies, materials science and consumer product design, providing a lot of standardized technology and innovation for the industry.

Our R & D centers are located in China, the United States and Switzerland. Through outstanding innovation and global forging strategic cooperation, NWT strives to become the driving force of vape industry. As an industry leader, compliance has always been a priority for NWT. Our workshop is equipped with GMP and ISO management system. This investment ensures that NWT products will receive the world's first UL 8139 certification in August 2018, and more products will be certified in the near future.

Xinhua will continue to integrate global knowledge resources, invest in a healthier world and accelerate its internationalization strategy. NWT is committed to working with industry talents to create a healthier and happier lifestyle. Through constant innovation and passion.


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