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Is electronic cigarette a cigarette? How harmful is it?

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As a substitute for cigarettes, e-cigarettes have the advantages of "smoking" and taking fragrance, which are more and more popular among people.

However, as a new product, e-cigarette faces many uncertainties. Such as the non convergence of the concept and evaluation of e-cigarette, the non-uniformity of product standards, and the non-standard behavior of e-cigarette, all these need to be clarified, unified and standardized.

For e-cigarette, let's give you some basic science popularization, so that you can better understand the nature of e-cigarette.

Is electronic cigarette a cigarette?

E-cigarettes smoke oil and exhale fog. Apart from the possible nicotine content, it is a completely different category from cigarettes.

Concept of electronic cigarette:

E-cigarette is a kind of electronic cigarette product which transforms liquid cigarette oil into steam by atomization. It is different from iqos in that it does not burn at low temperature, so in fact, the two types are different.

The composition of e-cigarette is as follows:

Electronic cigarette equipment is a processor that atomizes liquid by high temperature. The composition of e-cigarette oil is the key. Electronic cigarette smoke consists of nicotine, flavors and fragrances and PG/VG.

PG (propylene glycol): FDA defines it as "generally safe for human body". It is the carrier of essence in tobacco and can enhance the taste of cigarette oil. After heating, it will produce a small amount of fog with a sense of throat strike.

VG (vegetable glycerin or glycerol): a widely used raw material in daily life. VG is responsible for producing "fog" in the cooking oil.

Spices and flavors: the essence of food flavors has no effect on the human body.

Is electronic cigarette harmful?

In the above work principle and composition introduction, we come to the conclusion that nicotine is harmful to human body in electronic cigarette.

Nicotine is the main cause of our addiction to smoking. When we smoke cigarettes, the most harmful to our health are carbon monoxide and tar, and these two components of e-cigarettes are not available and will not be produced during operation.

But nicotine is by no means safe. A short period of time and large doses of nicotine (above 50mg) are enough to make people vomit, nauseous and even endanger their lives. However, as long as the dose is within the safe range, the effect of nicotine on human body is very small.

Can e-cigarettes produce harmful substances?

The pyrolysis reaction of organic matter requires a temperature of about 700-800 degrees, and the direct combustion temperature of cigarettes is above 800 degrees. Therefore, smoking cigarettes will cause new hazardous substances. However, the maximum temperature of mainstream electronic cigarettes is between 300 and 400 degrees, which is far from the conditions for fission.

Standard e-cigarettes can not only help the addicts to quit smoking excessively, but also make their life more healthy.

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