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Two of the UK's biggest hospitals have launched e-cigarettes and set up e-cigarette smoking areas.

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Two of The largest medical establishments in Birmingham, northern England, have started selling e-cigarettes, describing them as a "public health necessity" due to "smoking to death", BBC reported.

The two hospitals, Sandwell General Hospital in West Bromwich and Birmingham City Hospital, have opened e-cigarette shops run by Ecigwizard selling Jubbly Bubbly and Wizard's Leaf. 

To promote the use of e-cigarettes, the two hospitals have also set up e-cigarette smoking areas, highlighting the fact that smoking traditional cigarettes in the smoking areas will be subject to a £50 fine.

Two of the largest hospitals in the area have dedicated smoking areas for e-cigarettes, but they face fines for smoking traditional cigarettes in the smoking areas.

Dr David Carruthers, medical director of the Trust, said: 'The Board of trustees and our clinical leaders are in agreement that smoking traditional cigarettes is a cause of death.In light of this simple fact, we no longer support smoking on our website, even in shelters or cars.Each alternative is available, and we ask visitors and patients to work with us to implement these changes.Quitting smoking can save money and improve health.On our website, e-cigarettes are a public health necessity."

A separate report on e-cigarettes published last year by Public Health England concluded that e-cigarettes were "only a small part of the risks of smoking" and said a complete switch to e-cigarettes would bring "substantial health benefits". 

The government has set out plans to eliminate traditional cigarette smoking in The UK by 2030.It can be said that the e-cigarette industry in the UK has entered the fast lane.

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